The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast

EPISODE 23 - Adversarial Advice

October 1, 2020

When the chips are down and your party is in the thick of it, foes abound in your games. Whether your party is facing off against enemies, villains, thugs, ne'er-do-wells, hardened criminal, misfits, or pariahs - the nature of Adversaries in the Genesys RPG is a universal constant that gamemasters must manage and player characters must tackle. But how do you ensure the adversaries in your encounters balance to that of your party? How do you craft adversaries using all the best tenets of the Genesys System and good game design?

To tackle this adversarial question, we welcome back a legend to the show: the amazing Keith Kappel. With Keith's help, we plough headlong into the process of NPC and Adversary creation in Genesys - with a special focus on the Power Levels introduced in the Expanded Players Guide. From start-to-finish, this in-depth discussion lays out the best ways to not only create easy and balanced NPCs - but using Power Levels to ensure your NPCs are balanced to the encounter and the party they are up against!

So prepare to twirl your moustaches, Gamer Nation, make your villainous speeches, and reveal all of your secret plans to the heroes nearing certain death trapped in your machine of doom - as GM Chris, GM Hooly, and Keith Kappel offer you some Adversarial Advice on The Forge.





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  • 00:00:49 - INTRODUCTION
  • 00:09:05 - STOKING THE FIRE
  • 00:09:18 - Podcast of the Week - Shared Sagas Podcast
  • 00:10:40 - News & Announcements
  • 00:23:22 - THE FURNACE: NPC Creation
  • 00:28:41 - The Basics: NPC Creation
  • 01:09:15 - The Basics: Power Levels
  • 01:23:33 - Step 0: Concept
  • 01:27:50 - Step 1: Choose Adversary Type
  • 01:45:22 - Step 2: Assign Characteristics
  • 01:54:15 - Step 3: Soak, Defence, WT & ST
  • 02:32:14 - Step 4: Skill Selection
  • 02:51:45 - Step 5: Talents and Special Abilities
  • 03:17:50 - Step 6: Equipment
  • 03:33:36 - Finishing Touches
  • 03:37:32 - Using Power Levels in Your Game
  • 03:52:12 - UNDER THE HAMMER
  • 03:52:44 - Q1. Vehicles - The Rubber Band Game
  • 03:58:27 - Q2. Magic: Spell Maintenance
  • 04:07:09 - WRAP UP

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