The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast

EPISODE 12 - De-mystifying the Mystical 3: Beyond Thunderdome

January 11, 2020

In the first show for 2020, GMs Chris and Hooly take a long look at magic in their continuing series on Magic in Genesys. This episode they explore the first part of a discussion on re-skinning magic for a unique setting.

They also explore the use of the Signature Spell talents along with its improved version, even going so far as to explore2 new talents that supplement Signature Spell. They also interview Joshua Taylor about his Critical Elements supplement, available right now on the Genesys Foundry, as well as answering your games and rules questions.

Can you survive this episode as the GMs take you beyond barter town? Two men enter, one system leaves, this week on The Forge.





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  • 00:03:08 - INTRODUCTION
  • 00:08:01 - STOKING THE FIRE
  • 00:08:12 - Podcast of the Week - Ebberon Renewed
  • 00:09:19 - News & Announcements
  • 00:20:13 - DIE CASTING: Talents -  Signature Spell
  • 00:47:07 - THE FURNACE: Genesys Magic (Part 3)
  • 02:08:44 - BREAKING THE MOULD: Critical Elements (with Joshua Taylor)
  • 02:30:31 - UNDER THE HAMMER
  • 02:31:18 - Q1: ICE, ICE, Baby
  • 02:42:26 - Q2: You've Lost That Lovin' Healings
  • 02:54:55 - WRAP UP

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