The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast

EPISODE 11 - The Fast and the Pharmaceutical

December 24, 2019

Fast and ever-in-motion, high-Agility species represent some common and classic archetype concepts. In our final show of the year we take a long look at how to create Agility based archetypes and create two unique archetypes/species for your game.

We also chat with Brett Bowen of Studio 404 Games about their Setting Notebook available right now on the Genesys Foundry. We perform some exploratory surgery on the Medicine skill along with answering your games and rules question. So grab your medicine bag and slip on your running shoes as GM Hooly and GM Chris explore everything Genesys on The Forge!





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  • 00:00:00 - INTRODUCTION
  • 00:03:39 - STOKING THE FIRE
  • 00:03:46 - Podcast of the Week: Miskatonic University Podcast
  • 00:03:51 - News & Announcements
  • 00:14:25 - DIE CASTING: Skills - Medicine
  • 00:57:32 - THE FURNACE: Archetypes (Agility)
  • 01:50:44 - BREAKING THE MOULD: Setting Notebook (with Brett Bowen)
  • 02:21:36 - UNDER THE HAMMER
  • 02:21:53 - Q1 - Templar or Not to Templar
  • 02:30:07 - Q2 - What Happens When?
  • 02:37:18 - WRAP UP

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